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gare du fnord

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30th street station, abandoned buildings, alienation, american chestnut trees, american politics, anti-fascism, anti-privatization, architect's leap, atheism, balanescu quartet, biochemistry, blinkenlights, bofh, booth, borodin, boss tweed, botany, boxen, bridges, carnegie mellon university, catbus, cats, cemeteries, civil engineering, civil rights, cmu, coevolution, complaining, computer parts, computer science, computers, cormorants, corrupt politicians, corvids, costuming, ctfws, curry, discordianism, discrete math, doktor helmut vogel, dude, echinoderms, ecological release, election fraud, electrical storms, engineering, equal rights, ethical culture, fake meat products, fashion design, feminism, ferns, fingerless gloves, flax, forestry, functional programming, garlic, geeks, graduate school, great justice, hawks, haymarket, head bonks, henry hobson richardson, highway removal, homestead, honest graft, houseplants, hunter s. thompson, invasive exotics, john augustus roebling, kicking ass, kill your television, knitting, kraftwerk, larches, larts, life cycle analysis, linux, madeleine vionnet, mark stehlik, marmots, martinu, materials science, metallurgy, metaphysics, mike malloy, moxy früvous, native plants, nests, nikola tesla, ocaml, old buildings, open source, organic chemistry, owls, pantheism, people with long hair, philadelphia, pirates, pittsburgh, planarians, political machines, pope cards, privilege, procrastination, programming, public works, puns, ramie, red queen hypothesis, redistribution of wealth, reform mayors, robert moses, robots, rodents, sculpture, sewing, sleeping, socialism, stark fist of removal, stave churches, steam tunnels, subways, superfund, surveillance camera players, sysadmins, tea, the bitter bus, they, they might be giants, thomas midgley, toxicology, trains, trams, transience, trolleybuses, trolleys, uncertainty, underground tour, unionism, unix, urban history, vietnamese food, vintage clothing, wean hall, woodchucks, yerba maté, yoopers, zero population growth