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At Jin's Produce there are, for $3.50, pineapple cores with the non-edible parts removed. In general, their stuff is maybe slightly more expensive than Iovine's and significantly less than grocery stores' around here[1]. They don't have anything really unusual, and their apple selection is ultraconventional. The Fitler Square farmer's market had Macoun apples last week, and I think I've been able to get Northern Spy and Winesap from some Amish people in Reading Terminal in the past.

Today's obnoxious substance is pyridine.

[1] except possibly Trader Joe's, where I haven't been for a long time, partly because I resent their door-positioning.
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My desktop computer used to be called "pyridine"; my laptop was "benzene". That was before I switched to the "tower of babel" mythos naming convention.
And did it smell kind of like ammonia, only worse?
I hope not.
No, though I suppose sometimes I could imagine the odor of PCBs.